Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crimson Crits - Spring Training Series

First annual Crimson Crits backed by BIG BANG BIKES


Downloadable version available here.

Race release forms are available here.

Race course map is available here.

Course is exactly 1 mile.

Categories will ranges as follows:
A - 1/2/3
B - 3/4
C - 4/5
D - 5, Women, Juniors

*Races will be combined pending number of racers present.

Pre-register on BikeReg for $17 or register on race day for $20. One additional race permitted at $5 (race day only).

*Note on prizes: Prizes will be adjusted in accord with the amount of racers per day.

Check back for latest updates or cancellations.


PhDuane said...

A race official is needed. Please spread the word so we can all enjoy this epic event.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Did you talk to Uncle Bill?


Sully said...

whoa whoa, hosting on the weekends. How will you ever get to the ECCC races? We will definitely miss you guys, hopefully you can still make it out.

Jon Yuhas said...

We're trying to get some racing going in Western Pa in the early season. We'll get ourselves to do some ECCC racing as well.

PhDuane said...

Anyone from Lancaster... what's the current market price on hay bales?