Monday, December 21, 2009

Team Winter Training and Video

The IUP Cycling Team is hard at work training for the spring races. Here are two freeze-frames from the new video in the works.

The video is in the early stages of development and more recordings are going to be made to include all of our racers and training regimens. We hope everyone has enjoyed our video from the summer (shown here and at the top right-hand corner of the blog) and are looking forward to the first of three chapter videos of our 2010 spring season. Though titles and subjects of the "chapters" are tentative at this point, we hope to share a lot about what goes on in our preparation and development as a team in the 2010 season ahead.

Chapter I: Training
Chapter II: IUP Crimson Crit Training Series
Chapter III: On The Bikes


Jon Yuhas said...

Good work so far. Should we get a strength training shot or yoga shot?

PhDuane said...

Half of Johnny Coke's video should be yoga.

JohnnyBrison said...

Should I get an open or flip turn shot?

Jon Yuhas said...

Well played, well played.