Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nutrition follow-up

Did you happen to miss my Endurance Sports Nutrition Lecture? I have the PowerPoint, as well as lecture handouts available. Contact me at j.m.yuhas@iup.edu to get 'em.

I would like to thank all of the club members that were able to attend my presentation, which turned out to be an overall success. IUP Cycling was promoted, I was able to put my classroom-related knowledge to work, and I was able to do some networking. If any club member would like to present a similar presentation, in regards to anything cycling related, speak up! All of the hard work that I put into the presentation paid off with opportunities to speak to other teams and camps.

Check out recent IUP Graduate, Nicole Dann's "Health-E Athlete" blog for accurate, helpful sports nutrition information.

For now, its back to the books. I hope all of you the best on your final exams and projects. I look forward to seeing everyone back here in the spring... Racing Season!

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