Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gearing up.

The weather is turning cold and IUP Cycling is gearing up for the winter chills ahead and the spring season to come. For some, new bikes have been purchased and off-season training has ensued. With the help of our much appreciated sponsors and determined the efforts of our leadership and members, we hope to have as much fun and success as we can in the Spring.

Sponsors go a long way. For IUP cycling, sponsorship is more than monetary support. This year we have been able to acquire support from both local and regional businesses. This means we are being recognized and believed in by those around us. We are a relatively small, not for profit, organization, and knowing that we are being supported by some truly generous people is a blessing and a reminder that we are to reflect that generosity and kindness on the bikes and off. With the help of the IUP Student Cooperative Association, Big Bang Bicycles, Fast Times Screenprinting, S&T Bank, Subs and Suds, and Meadow Lane Golf Course, IUP cyclists have more than just themselves to ride for.

Many IUP cyclists have turned to specific and proven training methods to ride and develop through in the cold months ahead. No individual's training program is the same as the next, however we will unite for the spring season and work hard together for the most team success and team benefit as possible. We are learning from each other, watching the pros, and experiencing as many races as we can to become smarter and stronger cyclists.

The spring is what many IUP cyclists are learning to work for. In the spring comes races and the fruition of the hard work that is being put into our legs, bikes, and minds now. The spring is when we encounter the battles of the road and the face of competition. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. None of us believe that success in the spring will come without sacrifice in time and efforts now.

- JC

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