Monday, January 31, 2011

State of the Union: Cycling D1

Not to be confused with Cyclin D1, for Spring 2011 it looks like IUP Cycling is going to the Big Show. I've tried to contact a few people, specifically the director of the conference for any sort of confirmation as to whether we are permitted to move up because of our school size. I have not heard back in over a week, so unless I hear different, we will be going up to Division 1 for our races. This means new teams, but not necessarily new talent.

The criteria for moving up into the D1 arena was having 15,000 or more full-time students at the club's school. The most complete information I could get was from This says we have just under 15,000, which was the reason for my email to the director of the conference. I also have been in contact with an AD at IUP who referred me to the Club Director, who I hope to rope into having a more vested interest in cycling at IUP. This will hopefully get us more exposure.

As for our divisional status, becoming D1 is not anything that should change our cycling preparation and races. We will just be racing against bigger schools, which really only means that their club has more students to select from, so the talent may be more refined, but not necessarily better. Our in-limbo-gray-area-status bothered me the most, so in the club's mailing to USA Cycling to renew our eligibility, I struck the D1 box until I hear if this needs to change.

I also struck the National Champs box in 2013.

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