Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Year

The Fall semester is in full swing and IUP Cycling has started off the school year with some recruitment. With some good interest shown at initial meetings and IUP club promotional events, IUP Cycling has picked up a few new riders.

New riders means new bikes, new equipment, and new immersion into the sport of cycling. It is really awesome that we can have such a great bike shop backing us at Big Bang Bicycles. They have really helped these new riders get off on the right bikes.

There should be new training programs starting up as well. The "experienced" riders know the benefits of having one and the new riders will surely benefit from any program that gets them focussed on the bike for racing in the spring. Each program will be individualized, but with the backdrop of a team mentality. We are all racing for victory as a team.

The new riders will learn and develop in the sport together. I'm sure a few will rise to the top.

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