Friday, March 26, 2010

Second Video of IUP Cycling

I know I mentioned that I was working on this video a while ago, but it took a while to piece everything together and finish up the details. I put some faces to names and hopefully captured some personality for each rider. Here it is and I hope you all enjoy.

I am thinking this will be embedded to the blog shortly, but for now I'll post it for promotion's sake.

IUP cyclists Jon Yuhas, John Blank, and John Churan are headed to Lancaster, PA and Princeton, NJ for two races this weekend. These will be the first races of the year for the three Jo[h]ns and they are eager to represent IUP in 2010.

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Brandon said...

I am a former student of IUP and an avid cyclist. I tell ya I wish I would've known about the team before I transferred! Good luck guys and keep the updates coming!