Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crimson Crits - Spring Training Series

The Crimson Crits - Spring Training Series has been moved to Sundays. Races will still start at assigned times. All other details are the same.


*Races begin at 10 A.M. - JY


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Hey, it would be nice if you lazy college kids would actually put these races up on Bike Reg so that someone could actually sign up for them and shit.

Just sayin'


Jon Yuhas said...

It is in place. However, we cannot promote it (quite yet) as we do not have complete approval of the race course closure. And the borough is tagging us with a $400 fee that is cause for concern. Therefore we cannot go forward with the permit at this time.

Steevo is looking into getting us an ACA grant to cover at least the borough fee.

Any positive comments can be directed toward Indiana borough, and/or IUP Police, who are the ultimate deal-breakers in this endeavor.

Much appreciated.

LuckyLaud said...

If you finish at the top of the hill, the 5 points rr loop requires zero police and like 4 volunteers.

PhDuane said...

We did not want to deal with the borough in any way. That ruled out 5 Points. Also, there's the whole train crossing nightmare with that route. A few of them. So anyway, we chose this route, as we did not anticipate the borough to have any involvement. To our surprise, it actually turns out that the borough owns roads that are on-campus, somehow. Regardless of the processes going into it though, we hands-down have the best package with this route. I think everyone is going to be impressed and the course will only get better as campus construction continues moving forward in the final phases of the residency revival project, including the athletic complex that is currently under construction. If you are worried that it is too early in the season, Cummings is working on a late May repeat of the course. But for heavens sake, all the college girls will be moved back home by then so make sure you get to the spring crit series.